Wireless life: a bulge under the carpet a thing of the past

Eén draadje naar het stopcontact is al wat rest.

One wire to the outlet is all that remains.

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          Apple focuses on the camera, and gives Watch bigger screen

          Tech giant Apple is heading into the fall with improved iPhones, iPads and a Watch with few groundbreaking surprises to be seen. This became apparent on Tuesday evening from the product presentation that Apple had given the name ‘California Streaming’ for this edition

18 Sep.Financial

New ones iPhone especially on the inside different from predecessor

Apple has introduced the new iPhone models. The iPhone 18 has a better screen, bigger battery, faster processor and better cameras than its predecessor. During a virtual presentation, the latest version of the Apple Watch, iPad Mini and iPad were also shown for the first time.

Apple comes with new crop

She is now part of Silicon Valley folklore. Also this year, the invitation to Apple’s product presentation results in a guessing game that will keep Applewatchers busy for hours.

Analysis: chip market has been underestimated for years

Who wants to give himself something beautiful, now better have a generous portion of patience and space in the bank account. The shortage of chips has meant that for some time new cars have to be waited longer, but now the scarcity is also increasingly reflected in the …

202109 Sep.

Apple will probably present a new one on 09 September line iPhones. In recent years, Apple has held a press event around September in which it often unveils the latest models of iPhones. The company, which launched a new model of iPhone with 5G last year, is not expected to rad…


‘Asia’s richest man makes offer for T-Mobile Netherlands’

Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani is likely to make an offer with his conglomerate Reliance for T-Mobile Netherlands within a month. That’s what insiders say to the Indian newspaper Mint. It would be an offer of 5.7 billion dollars (4.8 billion euros).

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