Windows 11: non-compatible PCs received the first update

skynet wrote:

I admit that on the spot they break them Microsoft

Either they assume their technological choice or they go back but at least communicate!

I am very happy about it for the moment, zero crashes, no bugs (in my case), but frankly I understand people who do not pass because it is a shitty communication

They morally want to force the massive renewal of PC’s from here 2025. 2/3 of people, who don’t understand much anyway, will simply open their wallets.

Microsoft’s share of the pie will be the sale of OEM licenses from Windows 11 almost all of these brand new PC’s paid for.

The folks at Microsoft know they are unpopular because of of that, you just have to watch the video “Windows 11 upgrade paths and deployment tools” on Youtube which is voluntarily “Not listed” by the guys of “Microsoft Tech Community”. She only has 278 likes against 6.4 K dislikes !! y7rEtZ6Othg

If they open their OS to “incompatible” machines as we see lately, they must bet on the fact that it will only be a limited number of PC’s that will benefit, A one thing is certain they cannot not patch these “non-eligible” and yet running Windows PC’s 11 by denying them security and other updates, under It’s hard to see the birth of a fleet of “zombie” machines hyper infected with viruses, Trojans and other exploits of all kinds. At a pinch, they might not provide “Plug and play” drivers for these PCs, nor update them via Windows Update to limit the proliferation of this kind of configuration, but it would be difficult for them to do more. only that.

In my opinion Microsoft will certainly never communicate on this subject, it is not in their interest. They leave us 4 years ahead of you to save money, they must tell themselves that it is already generous enough on their part …

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