Windows 11: Microsoft unveils official method to install it on incompatible PCs

Windows 10 is finally available in official version, for new PCs as for compatible PCs … And even with PCs deemed incompatible.

Remember that Windows 10 imposes some prerequisites in terms of RAM (4go) , processor (Intel gen 8 or higher), but also secureboot and a TPM 2.0 security chip.


To ensure the compatibility of its machine with the OS, Microsoft has published a verification tool accessible here.

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But even if your PC turns out to be incompatible, all is not lost … And no need to cheat, since Microsoft itself has published an official Windows installation guide 11 on incompatible PCs … There is nothing to understand any more.

On the one hand Microsoft thus discharges itself of any damage and loss of data which could occur within the framework of the installation of W 10 on a compatible PC and yet the mark gives the keys to users via an official procedure accessible on its help site.

Knowing that Windows should continue to benefit from technical support until 2025, it remains more prudent to continue to exploit it, while waiting for Microsoft to reconsider its decision, which remains very likely to look of the market conditions, especially among professionals.

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