Winamp announces its big comeback

If Winamp does not tell you anything, it is probably that you did not know the revolution that was the switch of music from analog to digital and more precisely that of the MP3 format which allowed compress the audio files so that they can be loaded more easily on players with limited storage capacity.


Apple iPod Touch (32Go) - Bleu (Dernier Modele)

Winamp thus participated in this revolution of MP3 and digital audio formats by establishing itself as the most popular multimedia player of the time. Released in 1997 and offered for free, Winamp was one of the most advanced players on the market because it integrated everything needed to play most audio and video files of the moment , while offering library management, module design, a configurable and customizable interface and a mess of add-ons.

Winamp 1

With a large community of users and developers, Winamp was a rapidly evolving base, until October 2018 with the deployment of version 5.8 which remains the latest to date.

Since then, other audio formats have grown to the point of making Winamp obsolete. We think of Spotify, Apple Music and other audio platforms that no longer require you to store files directly at home.

The release of Winamp 6 had been mentioned for a while, but never happened. But this time the Winamp site got a facelift and announced, “Something huge is brewing. We are preparing Winamp for the next generation. Not just an update, but a complete overhaul. The new Winamp connects you. to your music wherever you are. It brings you closer to the artists you love. It houses your favorite podcasts and radio stations. “

A form allows you to register to participate in the beta of software, without however indicating when this will happen. uses that have evolved since the heyday of software, to the point of retiring the iPod, the most popular MP3 player.

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