Two e-marketing trends for 2021 according to Dmexco

Novelty does not mean to change everything

Although a large number of novelties are present in the world of digital marketing, it is clear, once again, that the base does not change. Indeed, no participant in this event underestimated the importance of netlinking in 100. What emerged from the discussions is that it is increasingly important to diversify our online marketing if we are to reach our target fully. One of the reasons is that it uses an increasing number of tools on the web, and that this dispersion therefore requires more in-depth research for marketing directors.

Trend 1: practices X-Commerce

This word seems to have a force in it -same. Not surprisingly, because indeed X-Commerce means an omnipresence of brands online, as a seller of products. To succeed in your marketing campaigns, it will now be necessary to attack all fronts at the same time. This is made possible by the fact that a large majority of us own a smartphone, through which the brand can reach us, to sell us a specific product, depending on where we are. To put it simply, here is an example: we are geolocated at a music festival that takes place outside and it is raining – our smartphone informs us that an umbrella stand has been set up in front of exit “B”

Marketing digital

Trend 2: increase the presence on social networks and accumulate data

Obviously, we are still a long way from the point when social media will be obsolete. And so, for now, they remain one of the best digital marketing tools there is. To this must be added the fact that large companies are increasingly efficient in the way they process the information (data) they collect through them.

It is also this combo that represents one of the most important digital marketing trends of the moment . In fact, fundraising allows major brands to better tailor their communication, since they better understand their audience. They know what they like and what not, and can thus redirect their customers to electronic tools that entertain them while directing them to greater consumption of their products.

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