Twitter tests advertising in conversations

On Android and iOS, Twitter has started testing a new advertising format. It is placed directly in conversations on the microblogging social network. If applicable, ads appear after the first, third or eighth response under a tweet.

The ad is clearly identified as a sponsored tweet. Carried out on a global scale, the test will continue over the next few months with possibilities for changes in the form and frequency of the announcements.

Starting today, we’re trying something different and testing a new ad format in Tweet conversations. If you’re a part of this test (which is global; on iOS & Android only), you’ll see ads after the first, third or eighth reply under a Tweet. ? ️

– bruce.falck ()? (@boo) October 13, 2021

The performance obtained with the new advertising format will be evaluated, as well as the impact on users and the conversations in which they take part. There is no doubt that many Twitter users will not be happy …

We will examine the lessons we learn from it and determine if it this is something we want to make permanent , ”says a Twitter executive. It evokes possible additional opportunities to reward the creators and authors of tweets.

A priori, the creators should therefore have the possibility of choosing to participate in the new feature, and to receive a commission on advertising revenue generated.

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