The Last of Us: multiplayer mode in development

Released in June 2020, The Last of Us Part II caused a lot of talk on various levels. And the lack of multiplayer mode, mentioned by Naughty Dog, was partly explained by the lack of time and the health crisis situation limiting the resources available to the teams.

Last of us part 2

But more than a year later, still no multi mode on the title which no longer enjoys the same force of attraction among players. What to worry most fans about the possible abandonment of this extension.

The Last of Us Part 2

Naughty Dog had tried to reassure by evoking in August that a stand-alone multiplayer game was in development. More recently, on the occasion of Last of Us Day, the team again confirmed that development was continuing.

The editor thus confirmed working on the project but that the strategy current is to leave enough time for the developers to build the title. It is therefore clearly no longer a question of a simple multi mode, but of a full-fledged game, which could possibly be free like Warzone for Call of Duty. Naughty Dog also confirms to be still in the recruitment phase to grow the teams around the project.

In short, we will have to be patient, and hope that the title will not force the players to move on to new at checkout. Also hopefully the title will not be a PS5 exclusive and PS4 players will be able to access it as well, it will most definitely depend on the game launch window.

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