The Google Pixel 6a would be entitled to the Google Tensor chip

The design of the Pixel 6a smartphone from Google should be similar to that of the recent Pixel 6. After the publication of the first renderings by 91 mobile and the OnLeaks leaker , however, the question arose whether the new Goolge Tensor chip would also be part of such a more compact device in the mid-range.

Surprise … clues gleaned by 9to5Google suggest that Yes. For the Pixel 6a in 2022, Google would not therefore have the intention, as one might have thought, to turn to a third-party SoC like the Snapdragon 778 G.


This choice of a Google Tensor GS chip 101 would be clearly motivated by the objective of providing the Pixel 6a with the same level of processing for certain algorithms relating to artificial intelligence, in particular with the instant translation of messages on the device and in

In this area, the information obtained by 9to5Google by analyzing the APK file of the Google Camera application suggests a Sony IMX main photo sensor 386 of 12, 2 megapixels, an IMX sensor 386 of 12 megapixels for ultra wide angle and an 8 megapixel IMX photo sensor 355 on the front.

So there would not be the Samsung GN1 main photo sensor of 50 megapixels. One concession among others.

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