Tesla Supercharger: the network of electrical terminals will triple by 2023

Tesla superchargers

With the boom in the volume of Tesla vehicles produced, it is also necessary to provide more charging stations at the same time. Tesla has announced the tripling of its Supercharger network within two years.

After 600 00 0 electric vehicles delivered in 2020, the constructor Tesla is expected to significantly exceed that volume this year, despite the component crisis that is dragging the auto industry down and slowing factories.

This influx of vehicles risks causing traffic jams at Supercharger stations. The problem has already started to emerge in some geographies and the issue was raised during the presentation of the third quarter financial results.

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla responded by indicating his will to to triple the network of Supercharger stations in the next two years. The problem of network congestion is continuously monitored and extension measures have been taken to limit the effect.

But the only real solution remains to increase the number of Supercharger stations. The project of a tripling over two years seems ambitious and Tesla has not necessarily always been able to respond in time to this problem of the expansion of the network of charging stations.

The firm has approximately 29 000 0 charging stations worldwide and wants to continue opening them at an aggressive rate as it plans to open its Superchargers to other non-Tesla electric vehicle models in the future.

Additional information

  • Tesla : les stations Supercharger ouvertes à d'autres véhicules électriques cette année

    Tesla’s Supercharger network of charging stations will be available to electric vehicles from other brands as of this year.

    Tesla : les stations Supercharger V2 européennes gagnent en puissance

  • Tesla : les stations Supercharger V2 européennes gagnent en puissance

    In waiting for the arrival of Supercharger V3 charging stations at 200 kW, Tesla has boosted the European V2 installations.

    Tesla : les stations Supercharger V2 européennes gagnent en puissance

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The # 000001636668

This is a “very rich” idea!


skynet wrote:

Yves6 wrote:

LinuxUser wrote:

Yves6 wrote:

Yves, a comment?

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I just bought a 108 gasoline, I can’t see myself pulling an extension cord from the 2nd floor to load and again it takes space in front of the balcony of my apartment.

Can be in 20 years there will be a charging station in each car park of my residence.

“Can be in 18 years there will be a charging station in each car park of my residence. “

Possible, otherwise you can charge by going to do your races, like Skynet it seems to me.

In your parking space, is there a gas pump?

I have a gasoline 3 km in front of intermarché and a gasoline pump 2 km at the contact crossroads, full of 250 km I do it in a few minutes with my 108 and his reservoir of 35 liters.

edit: quickly charging a battery reduces its lifespan

Battery life is not related to kilometers driven, but to charge / discharge cycles. Thus, the average battery life is 1 000 0 to 1 500 recharge cycles. Which equals 200 00 0 to 500 000 Approximately 0 km, depending on the use of the car.


edit: a normal electric car is 3 times less km than the Tesla.

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