Tesla launches insurance using real-time driving data

It is an insurer’s dream that the manufacturer Tesla is setting up for its electric vehicles. The monthly cost is calculated according to the quality of driving in real time estimated via telemetry data retrieved at any time from the cars.

From this information, a Safety Score is calculated in function of various elements (average of collision alerts, braking intensity, tight turns, failure to respect safety distances, forced disengagement of the Autopilot, etc.)

Depending on the value of this index (which goes up to 100 and which is initiated at 90 when the insurance is activated), the monthly cost will vary accordingly. Good driving according to the Safety Score criteria will therefore in principle lead to savings.

Tesla Safety Score

Tesla highlights the fact that its approach does not use the usual criteria of insurers (age, sex, accident history, mileage) and is richer than existing telemetry systems.

The Safety Score is already used to validate the use of FSD autonomous driving in beta version on its vehicles. Only drivers with a high score can activate the feature.

The new insurance system based on Safety Score is currently being launched in Texas, where the Tesla headquarters, part of its R&D and production.

As often with Tesla, all this remains relatively experimental, until the Safety Score is calculated, but it is undoubtedly a way of the future for insurers, whereas ‘a simple smartphone app can already provide a lot of information on driving quality using motion sensors and the GPS chip of mobile devices.

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