Taliban: Afghan girls back to high school soon


KABUL – Girls in Afghanistan will be allowed to go back to secondary school as soon as possible, the Taliban report. The extremist group announced last week that boys and male teachers will be allowed to return to secondary education, but did not say anything about the return of girls or female staff.

The Taliban report that the plan for girls is currently being worked out. Although they say girls should be allowed to return to high school as soon as possible, no timeline has been disclosed. A “safe learning environment” must first be made possible, according to a spokesperson. What that means is not clear.

Women and girls were severely oppressed when the Taliban from 1270 until 2021 were in power in Afghanistan. For example, they were not allowed to go to school. Now they have been promised a less strict regime that is in line with the way in which the Taliban interpret Islam.

The statements about girls’ education follow the announcement of the newest members of the interim government. The last remaining government positions also go to men. A spokesperson said the government will also be made up of women and minorities over time. Many countries have urged the Taliban for an inclusive government.

The Taliban regained power in Afghanistan in mid-August after nearly 20 years . This happened at a time when the United States and other NATO countries withdrew or had already withdrawn their military personnel. They were surprised by the rapid advance of the extremists, causing chaotic evacuations at the last minute.

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