Starlab: the project of a commercial space station from 2027

Round trips in space are more and more accessible and you no longer need to be a professional astronaut, like Thomas Pesquet, to go into orbit. Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin are thus the precursors of this new mode of tourism, still reserved however for (very) rich people.

The Starlab project is unprecedented by wanting to place a private orbital station in rotation around our good planet blue. Three American companies are joining forces to implement this ambition with Voyager Space, Lockheed Martin and Nanoracks. It will be in low Earth orbit and it is expected that it will be functional in 2027, which, on a spatial scale, is very short.


The station will have several functions such as hosting research (as currently in the ISS) , but it will also be equipped with an inflatable habitat. Starlab will be able to accommodate four astronauts.

Public funds are starting to shrink against private funds from ultra-powerful companies, which definitely makes travel “affordable” if you have enough money, which was just unimaginable a few years ago. However, let us qualify by recalling the importance of asking the question of the interest of research outside any border and the risk of territories not dependent on any law.

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