Starfield: a new Xbox exclusive video


After a quick introduction video, Starfield quickly cut off all communication with the players. It is therefore with pleasure that we welcome the new information concerning the title from Bethesda.

Bethesda Game Studios recently released a new video for their upcoming big title: Starfield. It is above all a behind the scenes video of the game which aims to explain the context and certain mechanics of the title.

Starfield | Xbox One - Code jeu à télécharger

The developers explain that Starfield will take place in the year 2330 in a small part of the Milky Way called “the colonial systems”. 20 Years ago, the Colonial Union and Freestar Collective embarked on a devastating colonial war before an unstable peace returned to the systems.

The wars have allowed certain entities to develop: smugglers, pirates of the scarlet fleet, mercenaries, religious fanatics … The factions are now numerous and each seeks to take advantage of a situation on the edge of the tangent.

The player will be an astronaut who will join Constellation, a scientific organization that seeks to solve the mysteries of the galaxy.

Starfield will be released on Xbox Series and PC on 11 November 2022.

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