SNCF: streaming films soon on TGV Inoui lines

When a user takes an Inoui TGV, he can now benefit from a set of new services, some of which are connected.

SNCF has announced that it is now possible to take advantage of ” a catalog of films in streaming on its TGV Inoui lines. An offer which has been offered to all passengers since this summer and which has undergone gradual deployment on all TGV lines.

TGV Inoui

Users can access the films thus offered from their smartphone, laptop or tablet, a games platform, a kiosk and podcasts are also part of the game.

Until now, the SNCF has already offered some content via its TGV Inoui platform, but these are stored on remote servers and the speed of the Internet connection offered is neither high enough nor even stable to offer Streaming movies.

From now on, the content highlighted in this way is stored directly on board trains and offered via a local connection. Everything is accessible from the TGV portal that we already know and which allows access to WiFi on board the train.

The offer is advertised as free for all travelers, but should despite everything being segmented according to several “leisure”, “Family” or “Pro” profiles, depending on the ticket purchased.

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