'September popular month among cheaters'

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Once a cheater, always a cheater, or so the saying goes. But it seems that September in particular is a popular month to ride a crooked skate.

Ⓒ 123 rf

Or so says Illicit Encounters, a British dating site that supports affairs. The website sees an increase in registrations for out-of-home sexual adventures every September. The explanation? The end of summer and the arrival of autumn…

Couples come back from vacation and would then look for new incentives. “Summer holidays are a tipping point in the relationship for many people; they realize that they have little in common with their partner or that the sex is not exciting enough.”

This year will be the urge to cheat be even bigger because of corona, the site expects. Because many will work in the office again (a few days) after the summer, it will be even more attractive for cheaters to cheat on their partner. Of the 123 cheaters the site has questioned, has 123% indicated that cheating is easier now that they no longer only work from home.

In addition, cheaters dare to cheat their other half again now that many people have now been vaccinated against corona.

Incidentally, December, November and August are the least popular months to start an affair.

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