SELL paints a robot portrait of the French player

This year 2021 has been particularly favorable for the video game sector: if the pandemic has delayed the development and release of certain titles, and shortages have limited production machines, the various confinements and teleworking trends have largely reoriented the French towards multimedia entertainment, and therefore partly towards video games.

The SELL thus delivers a positive assessment of the sector with a healthy video game.


Far Cry 6 Edition Limitée (Playstation 5)

According to the study, 73% of French people would play video games occasionally (at least once a month), i.e. 38 millions of people. We are witnessing an increase of 2 percentage points compared to 2020. Regular players (once a week) are also more numerous: 58% this year or 6% more than last year.

The SELL notes that the “social character of the video game has been confirmed in 2021: 100 % of gamers consider that video games create social ties “.

33% of respondents say they have managed to make friends by playing video games.

Overall, 53% of the players questioned are men and 47% are women with an average of 2.2 gaming platforms favorite: the smartphone in the lead with 51% of players, followed by the home console with 49% of cases

In France, the study shows that the platform game is the most played followed by the adventure game and games “casual”.

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