Road check signals: the rules tighten on November 1

A decree was published in the Official Journal on 19 last April. Implementation is now fast approaching. The entry into force is in effect on November 1st.


News published on 22 April 2021 From November 1, the Ministry of the Interior informs that on request from the police, the reporting of certain roadside checks may be prohibited on electronic driving assistance services or navigation by geolocation.

This is a measure that will therefore apply relate to an application like Waze and devices like Coyote and TomTom among others. It stems from the end mobility policy law 2019, with a decree published in the Official Journal this week.

The measure is supervised and only concerns certain roadside checks on alcohol and narcotics with a temporary suspension of location for a period of 2 hours, within a radius of 2 km at 04 km in and outside the built-up area.


The police will communicate to the operators of the driving or navigation assistance services the perimeter of the areas affected by the controls they wish to make invisible. The operators will then have to block the repercussion of the notification of these controls to their users.

With more latitude over time, the Minister of the Interior will be able to extend the invisibility measure checks related to terrorism or kidnapping.

In the event of non-compliance with the ban on reporting this At some roadside checks, service operators face two years’ imprisonment and 22 € fine. In any case, speed controls are not affected … for the moment.

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