PlayStation 5: Japanese retailer finds solution to avoid scalpers

Since its commercial launch on 20 November 2020, the PlayStation 5 has experienced almost constant outages. On the one hand, the quantity of consoles available is limited, with a worsening of the situation by the arrival of a shortage of components. But even so, stocks are also regularly captured by the Scalpers who amplify the phenomenon of shortage to resell the machines 2 to 3 times their price on the gray market.


To limit the action of scalpers and ensure that consoles will not be resold, the GEO chain has adopted a new strategy in Japan: sale via a lottery and under fairly special conditions.

Thus, to have the chance to buy a PS5 from the brand, you must register for a draw. And when users are drawn, it is a somewhat special PS5 that is offered to them.

Because to avoid resale, the sign indicates that the boxes are systematically open, the bands protection broken, and the packaging of the DualSense marked with a large cross.

With this procedure, it becomes more difficult for scalpers to resell machines considered automatically as second-hand and not newer.

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