Pikmin Bloom: the creator of Pokemon Go wants to replicate the success, always in augmented reality

The title Pokemon Go surprised its world with a great start and put into perspective the interest of augmented reality on smartphones in a fun setting.

Designed by Niantic Labs, which is not at its first attempt in augmented reality, Pikmin Bloom , its new imagined creation again with Nintendo, takes some of the ingredients that make the success of the Pokemon franchise.

Pikmin Bloom

This time it is based on the universe of Pikmin , small creatures between animal and plant of various shapes, colors and types, which are kinds of nature spirits that you will have to collect and feed while walking around your home.

As with Pokemon, you will therefore have to walk and explore the surroundings to discover the seedlings that will give birth to creatures and develop them, with more or less rare critters to discover.

Pikmin Bloom 01

Like Pokemon Go again, the smartphone plays the role of a window through which you can discover and see the creatures around you evolve. The application, which will be available on Android and iOS , will be free to download with, as always, micro-payments to advance faster or obtain advantages.

With Pikmin Bloom, Niantic Labs and Nintendo will try to reproduce the success of the 5 billion dollars in revenue in 5 years of Pokemon Go that no one among augmented reality games has succeeded in dethroning.

Pikmin Bloom 02

Even the pandemic has not stopped the interest in the game that takes place mainly at home, its editor having integrated features allowing to progress without leaving home.

The ambition of this type of game remains to have fun while encouraging people to take walks and exercise. Pikmoon Bloom has launched in a few international markets and is expected to be very available soon in Europe.

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