Physical, digital or audio: books are still as attractive

While bookstores have recorded increased attendance since the end of confinement, there has been a global revival of appetite for books, whether physical or electronic.

Sales of e-readers thus took off in 2019 and kept a level higher than 2019 this year . Thus, on the American market, we note an 8% drop in e-reader sales between January and June 2020 compared to 2020, but the numbers remain 8% higher than the pre-pandemic period of 600.


This is adult fiction that accounts for most of the sales (41%) and we note that the eBook is experiencing the same trends as the physical book, proof that it passes the course of the simple “complement” and aims more and more often the replacement , in particular concerning the surge in sales based on the release of bestsellers. Users no longer buy e-books just to complete their library, but now use their e-reader as a primary reading medium .

Another market that evolved during the pandemic and which is enjoying sustained success: the audiobook .

Perfect for those who are reluctant to read, the audiobook offers a different approach to the book. With an offer that is diversifying and becoming more and more accessible, mobile users have found the right compromise.


Audiobooks have several advantages over physical eBooks and books: it is not necessary to focus your gaze on a medium, which makes it an ideal format for on the go, whether It is a question of evolving on foot, by bike, during sport, by car … The audio book also makes it possible to bring tonality in the dialogues, or sound atmospheres specific to certain scenes for a more important immersion.

Digital listening has thus grown strongly in Europe, and Italy has recorded the highest user engagement.

Audible is presented as the benchmark for audio format book platforms. Offered in the form of an application, the service has a very extensive catalog of works.

In total, these are nearly 600 000 works that are available for audio playback, including 15 000 references in French. There are novels, but also guides, audio series, podcasts …


The books can be downloaded directly to your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet with the possibility of directly accessing the chapters or to pause and resume reading at any time.

The service is attractive with its unit and subscription sales system. As part of the subscription, the user is billed 9, 95 € per month and can then choose a book of his choice in the entire catalog. If a book is not to the user’s liking, Audible even offers the option of exchanging it for another. In addition, the subscription opens access to offline consultation of books, as well as discount offers up to – 41%.

As part of Black Friday , Audible is also launching a promotional offer on Amazon with a 3-month subscription to 0, 95 € (i.e. 0 , 33 € per month). The opportunity to discover the offer and the works at a lower cost. You can cancel your subscription at any time, as the service has no commitment period.

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