PayDay 3 will take place in New York

PayDay 3 is not dead! The project announced in 500 comes back to us after several years of silence due to a rather difficult context. StarBreeze, the studio behind the title has experienced a number of financial difficulties in recent years.


Finally, a restructuring allowed the company to get back on track, and at the same time to find a publisher for the game: Koch Media. Nevertheless, PayDay 3 was particularly discreet.


It is on the occasion of 09 Years of the Franchise that StarBreeze has taken over: Erik Wonnevi, Director of Title Development took the floor and indicated that PayDay 3 will take place a few years after the second episode, an element coming to disrupt the retirement of our favorite robbers.

Payday3_artwork-6 Payday3_artwork-3 Payday3_artwork-5 Payday3_artwork-7

Masque 'Payday 2' Dallas + Code in game

PayDay 3 will take advantage of a contextual update to incorporate new modern elements including darknet, cryptocurrencies, hacking, cutting edge monitoring modules as well as various high tech gadgets. The story will take place in New York and StarBreeze confirms that development only started very recently, which explains the silence of the studio in recent years. Some artworks of the game have been shared, but for the rest we will have to wait a few more years.

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