OVHcloud incident and stranded sites: a human error before the IPO

Return to normal after a complicated morning for thousands of sites with hosting by OVHcloud which have experienced access problems. The cause was a maintenance operation that went wrong.

This maintenance operation was scheduled for this Wednesday 13 October from 9 a.m. to h 13 (Paris time) and should obviously not cause any disturbance with isolation of the equipment before proceeding with a change.

Always very transparent when problems arise, Octave Klaba, the founder and president of OVHcloud, explains that ‘it was decided to strengthen protections against DDoS attacks – particularly intense recently – by adding new infrastructure in a data center located in the United States, and to improve routing.

Following a human error during the reconfiguration of the network on our DC at VH (US-EST), we have a problem on the whole backbone. We are going to isolate the DC VH then fix the configuration. “Octave Klaba then wrote that the router with the mau The configuration causing the problem has been cut.

?? At a bad time for the European Cloud Champion

This is about an operation in the OVHcloud datacenter in Vint Hill in the United States. The disruptions for sites and services lasted nearly an hour and a half.

The failure seems to have mainly affected sites in IPv4 and not IPv6. It is at the level of a piece of code for IPv4 routing that human error would be located.


This incident took place at a bad time for OVHcloud whose IPO is scheduled for the weekend. This OVHcloud IPO project was formalized last June, when a data center of the host in Strasbourg had suffered a serious fire in March.

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