Over 9 million Android devices infected with Cynos

According to a report by the Russian security solutions publisher Doctor Web, more than 9 million Android devices have been infected with a Trojan horse found in more than 190 games. These figures are based on statistics from the AppGallery, which is Huawei’s application distribution platform.

The applications (and therefore various and varied games) concerned are listed in a document under line on GitHub. Some are aimed at Russian-speaking users, while others are aimed at Chinese users, or even for an international audience in English.

Huawei has been informed of the findings of Doctor Web and made cleaning in the AppGallery among the applications containing the Trojan called Android.Cynos.7.origin. In this case, manual uninstallation of some applications may be necessary.

Android.Cynos.7.origin is presented as one of the modifications of Cynos. “ This module can be integrated with Android applications to monetize them.


With permissions obtained from the user for the management of telephone calls and others, the malware is able to collect and transmit to a server information such as the telephone number, the location, mobile network parameters, technical characteristics of the device. Advertisements are also displayed.

A nuisance far from spyware like Pegasus, but it is such Trojans that are more of a threat to ordinary users.

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