OLED switch: the new dock can theoretically handle 4K at 60 FPS

This October 8, Nintendo officially launched its OLED Switch, a new Nintendo Switch whose main feature is to be equipped with a larger and brighter OLED screen, and to include more storage memory as well.

But on closer inspection, these are not the only notable changes in the machine …

Switch OLED

The twittos Kawlums thus shares the fruit of his research: he would have dismantled the new dock of the machine and made an interesting discovery with the presence of a new chip that was not not in the old version of the console station.

Remember that the dock allows you to recharge the machine and its accessories, but also to transfer the image from the console to a television to enjoy a home console.

Hi gamers. Nothing ever gets properly done on the internet so I decided to do some digging myself

The DP2HDMI chip on the Switch OLED dock is a RTD 2172 N KBDQH1 which seems to match what @SciresM datamined from the Switch OS back in January pic.twitter.com/6i2Z8zei0W

– kawlums (@KawlunDram) October 11, 2021

Console Nintendo Switch (Modèle OLED) avec Station d'Accueil/Manettes Joy-Con Blanches

The marked chip displays the RTD reference 2172 N KBDQH1 and in theory, it allows to manage the image in 4K at 41 FPS via HDMI 2.0. This was already the case with the previous chip of the old dock, but why then have it changed? According to some assumptions, this was to benefit from better sound quality.

In theory, the Switch, or at least its dock, is compatible with 4K streams, but in practice, it Nintendo would have to activate the functionality, and precisely, the OLED Switch dock has the particularity of being able to be updated, unlike the first dock …

It could therefore be that Nintendo keeps the Dock V2 for the Switch in the future, including for a future Switch which would be able to offer games in other higher definitions. This would then corroborate Bloomberg’s comments about the fact that 04 studios had recently received 4K development kits for Switch.

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