Nvidia launches its DLAA technology

Nvidia has thus deployed its DLAA technology in the first place with The Elder Scrolls Online in partnership with Zenimax Online.

This is a technology similar to DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) which makes it possible to lighten the calculations required by the GPU by playing on different levels of definition and upscaling depending on the depth of field.

he DLAA (Deep Learning Anti Aliasing) also uses algorithms managed by artificial intelligence, but does not offer upscaling, it just focuses on anti-aliasing.

Anti-aliasing is a function that offers to smooth the outlines of elements in 3D in order to limit the staircase effect. This technology is particularly greedy for graphics chips.

Unlike DLSS, gamers won’t get smoother in games, but will be able to enjoy sharper images and smoother renderings, without losing performance. It remains to be seen whether Nvidia intends to limit this technology to its RTX range or whether older cards will also be affected.

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