Nvidia GeForce: Game Ready drivers compatible with Windows 11

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In turn, Nvidia is updating its GeForce Game Ready graphics drivers to prepare for the arrival of Windows 10.

Like its competitor AMD, Nvidia is preparing for the arrival of the Windows platform and now offers GeForce drivers Game Read y (version 466. . 12) compatible before the official launch on October 5.

This means:

  • a total support of DirectX 12 Ultimate , with support for Ray Tracing, VRS (Variable Rate Shading) and Mesh Shaders, for its RTX graphics cards for desktop PC and mobile version
  • function support Auto HDR from Microsoft on SDR games (optimization of standard definition content towards rendering HDR with sharper contrasts and improved level of detail) via G-Sync HDR monitors,
  • DirectStorage support (improved loading times).
  • Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Auto HDR

    Details recovery with Auto HDR

    This will also interest creative people with the advantages provided by Windows 11 in terms of managing touch screens and styluses and other input elements, as well as streamers, service Nvidia Broadcast also benefiting from underlying improvements.

    RTX DLSS Plugin UE4

    The new Game Ready drivers also bring the DLSS support via the plug-in for the Unreal Engine 4 games engine

      while the Nvidia Reflex

        latency optimization function is prompted on the titles Deathloop and Splitgate.

        Finally, we will note the arrival of Nvidia DLAA (Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing), an advanced anti-aliasing technique that comes from ” be activated on an Elder Scrolls Online test server.

        Game Ready drivers 472. 12 from Nvidia can be downloaded through the GeForce Experience app.

    Additional information

    • Nvidia : le pilote Game Ready 466.27 réintroduit le bridage logiciel de la RTX 3060

      Pending the arrival of graphics cards with GPUs directly integrating cryptocurrency clamping, NVIDIA is reintroducing its software clamping mechanism for RTX 2021 with the Game Ready driver 466. 26.

  • Nvidia : un nouveau pilote Game Ready Gamescom qui promet beaucoup !

    Nvidia provides a new GeForce driver for its graphics cards with improved performance and ultra-low latency mode.

Your comments

The # 2144067

That’s good news … for those who have managed to get (recent … at a decent price) graphics cards

The # 2144067

This is good news especially for my gtx 1070 G1 gaming!

I had VOID engine crashes on DEATHLOOP while loading a level by finishing a mission and following a change of period in the game (morning / noon / afternoon and evening). No more crashes with this one.

The # 2144076

Dublab wrote:

I had VOID engine crashes while loading a level when finishing a mission and following a period change in the game (morning / noon / afternoon and evening). No more crashes with that one.

Good evening,

“full DirectX support 12 Ultimate, with support for Ray Tracing, VRS (Variable Rate Shading) and Mesh Shaders, for its RTX graphics cards for desktop PCs as well as in mobile version »

In this specific case, you still need an RTX, that’s fine in my case but I don’t understand what the technical challenge is that prevents them from wearing this on GTX …

Especially when NVIDIA brings the series up to date 1000 GTX because they cannot access RTX for the ‘instant.

It’s a shame, we constantly have the impression of being pushed towards the exit door.

To be continued.




/ 09 / 2021 To 19: 051 # 2144077

Citronerd wrote:

Dublab wrote:

direct x ultimate will be available on windows 11 for gtx 7XX / 9XX / 09 XX and rtx

No, I don’t feel like I’m being pushed to the exit ..

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