Nintendo Switch Online: bugs and slowdowns on the N64

Launched yesterday, the Nintendo Switch Online additional pack offers players access to a selection of old games initially released on Nintendo 64.

The Switch Online thus adds a new retro console to its arc, while awaiting the imminent arrival of the Megadrive titles, but this time, everything does not go as planned.

Prix Expansion pack Nintendo Switch Online

From the outset, the first cold shower for the players was the price of the pack: 40 € per year instead of 12 € of the original pack … An investment that is however minimal for lovers of retro gaming … Provided that everything works perfectly, and it is far from the case.

Nintendo Switch Online - Abonnement 12 Mois | Code de téléchargement (Switch)

Depending on the titles, we assist thus with several quite disabling bugs, even with an enormous latency time in game. This is the case on Zelda Ocarina of Time with an enormous reaction time between the pressure of the buttons on the controller and the actions transcribed in-game. The title also displays fewer textures than the previous emulated versions, especially on Wii U: no reflections in the water, the link arms sometimes disappear, and the title crashes for no reason.

Other titles provided in the pack show identical problems with sometimes bugs preventing the saving, soundtracks which saturate or disappear, but above all a lot of fluidity problems.

Another problem raised by the players: it is currently impossible to reassign the keys, which is sometimes problematic in some titles.

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