New world: Amazon Game Studios takes action to limit queues

The situation does not get much better on New World and the title still suffers from its success: many players are thus stuck in the queues aimed at integrating the servers.

New World

Amazon Game Studios has however extended the capacity of the servers and will offer a character transfer soon. But the situation remains complex and thus come the more radical solutions.

The first is the automatic kick of inactive players for more than 25 minutes. Bad news, this kick is in the game as in the queues: difficult to keep up with the shock for hours …

Another announcement: it is no longer possible to create a new character on servers that are already full. The idea is to force the players to turn to the new, still empty servers to better distribute the crowds. Here again the situation is complex for players who would like to be on the same server …

Amazon Game Studios has specified that 28 worlds already displayed the status “full”.

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