New lava flow and more evacuations on La Palma, also fear of poison cloud

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LA PALMA – The authorities on the Canary Island of La Palma have had to evacuate more people in the town of El Paso due to a volcanic eruption. Spanish media reports that so far such a 6000 of the 100.0 people on the island have sought refuge because of the eruption .


Mayor Sergio Rodriguez said on television that a new lava flow has started at the volcano Cumbre Vieja. It erupted on Sunday, spewing lava hundreds of meters into the air. In the days before the eruption, La Palma had already been rocked by thousands of earthquakes.

As far as we know, there were no casualties from the eruption, but there were is a lot of material damage. Lava flows towards the sea and destroys everything in its path. The local authorities say that approximately 100 houses have been destroyed.

Poison cloud

If the lava reaches the sea, there is a good chance that toxic substances will be released. Explosions can occur if the hot lava comes into contact with the water. A poisonous cloud can also form, which can release chlorine, among other things. For that reason, a coastal strip over a length of about eight kilometers was evacuated.

Earlier it was expected that the lava would be around 17.00 hours to reach the sea, but it didn’t. According to experts, the volcano now emits less lava, which slows the speed of the flow.


Travel organization TUI reported Monday evening that about two hundred Dutch people are on the island. Dozens of those vacationers have been evacuated. The local authorities decided to evacuate their hotel because access roads threatened to be blocked by the volcanic eruption.

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