Netflix has recruited more subscribers than expected

Netflix has published its results for the third quarter. World leader in SVOD, the American service reaches almost 214 million paying subscribers with the recruitment of 4.4 million subscribers between July and September.

The forecast was 3.5 million additional subscribers. Over the period under review, Netflix also recorded twice as many additional subscribers compared to last year. For the last quarter of the year, Netflix expects 8.5 million new subscribers.

Netflix highlights the success of the series Squid Game available since 16 September and viewed by 142 millions of households around the world in within four weeks. A record launch in this area.


This series would have cost 21 million dollars and would have already generated at least 891 million dollars for Netflix.

Netflix’s quarterly revenue reaches $ 7.5 billion (+ 16% year on year), with net profit of $ 1. 45 billion dollars (+ 45% over one year). Remember that Netflix recently increased all its prices in France.

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