Jansen Potash Project

BHP Billiton received Environmental Approval vor Jansen Potash Project

07/07/2011 | Editor: Marcel Dröttboom

BHP Billiton's Jansen potash project in Canada has received approval by the Ministry of Environment. (Picture: BHP Billiton)
BHP Billiton's Jansen potash project in Canada has received approval by the Ministry of Environment. (Picture: BHP Billiton)

BHP Billiton has received notice from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment that ministerial approval has been granted for the development of the Jansen potash project in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Melbourne (VC), Australia – BHP Billiton submitted the Environmental Impact Statement in December 2010 in accordance with the Environmental Assessment Act. After technical and public review, the Ministry is satisfied that BHP Billiton has appropriate plans in place to mitigate any adverse impacts while enhancing the benefits of the project. Jansen is expected to make a substantial long term contribution to both local communities and the Province of Saskatchewan.

The project is expected to employ an average of 1900 people during construction and create approximately 1000 operational jobs once the mine has reached full capacity. BHP Billiton also expects to pay approximately CAD 90 billion in royalties and taxes to the municipal, provincial and federal governments over the decades in which Jansen operates. Approximately 65 per cent of those payments will be in the Province of Saskatchewan.

BHP Billiton announced on 23 June 2011 that it had approved USD 488 million of further investment to support the development of Jansen in its feasibility study stage. Mine design and engineering will now be completed along with initial surface construction and the first 350 metres of shaft sinking. It is expected that final approval to proceed with Jansen will be sought from the BHP Billiton Board in the 2012 calendar year. Based on the current schedule, Jansen is expected to start producing saleable potash in calendar year 2015.

The project is designed to ultimately produce approximately 8 million tonnes per annum of agricultural grade potash from its 3370 million tonne in-situ Mineral Resource2 with an estimated 70-year mine life. BHP Billiton Diamonds and Specialty Products President Tim Cutt said: “We are pleased to have received ministerial approval for Jansen and to have reached this significant milestone in the project’s development. We will continue to engage with communities and other stakeholders to seek their input and to keep them informed of progress at Jansen and our other potash development projects. As we seek to build a world-class potash business based in Saskatchewan we believe we can create substantial opportunities that benefit the communities that host our projects, as well as the Province of Saskatchewan.”

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