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Business Paper on Sustainable Energy Management

04/27/2012 | Editor: Dominik Stephan

Aveva releases a new paper on sustainable energy management.
Aveva releases a new paper on sustainable energy management. (Picture: Wikimedia Commons)

Aveva has released a new business paper entitled ‘Sustainable Energy Management - Putting Information Assets to work in the process industries’. This paper will be presented by the principal author, Sloane Whiteley, a consultant with AVEVA’s Global Business Consulting team at the Congress on Water, Climate and Energy, Dublin, Ireland.

New Delhi/India – “This new business paper outlines the challenges facing process plant operators in implementing effective Energy Management strategies”, said Paul Halpin, Vice President - Global Business Consulting, Aveva. ”It describes how these challenges may be overcome through the use of currently available Information Management technologies supported by a comprehensive, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA),” added Halpin. The paper was also presented at Power Gen India conference held at New Delhi in April 2012.

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