Joy-Con Drift: Nintendo finally tackles the problem

It was Doug Bowser, invited to speak to The Verge newspaper, who indicated that Nintendo took the Joy-Con Drift problems encountered since the release of the Switch console very seriously.

Remember that the problem causes a phenomenon of phantom movement of the joystick due to poor workmanship or premature wear.

Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch avec paire de Joy-Con Rouge Néon et Bleu Néon

The president of Nintendo América thus recalled that Nintendo continued to make improvements to the joycons and to study the returned units and the way in which they were used. He also specifies that the Switch OLED contains the same updated sticks from the base Switch.

Nintendo would have thus analyzed the way users play to adapt the joycons of the Switch. The OLED Switch is not the only one to benefit from the improvements since Nintendo indicates that the previous models are now affected by the update of the stick.

We do not know if Nintendo has succeeded in correct the shot completely, but improvements should be felt in the players.

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