Halo Infinite: the solo part is revealed a little more

So far, players have been able to try their hand at a few multiplayer games of the next Halo over the course of various beta test sessions. But questions remain regarding the solo part of the game which is particularly expected.

Microsoft has finally released a 6-minute trailer for the game that focuses on the single player mode of Halo Infinite. We discover that humanity continues to fight to try to survive and that Cortana has disappeared. Master Chief therefore calls on a new AI called “The Weapon”.

Halo Infinite (Xbox Series X)

We are told that it will be there of the biggest campaign ever offered in the Halo franchise with an environment that promises to be particularly large. To make progression easier, many vehicles will be offered, whether aerial or land.

343 Industries evokes tens of ‘different weapons that will allow players different approaches: infiltration or bloodbath. Accessories will also complete an already well-stocked arsenal to multiply the possibilities.

Halo Infinite will be released on Xbox one, Xbox Series and PC on December 8, it will also be directly integrated into the Xbox offer Game Pass.

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