Halo Infinite: the multiplayer already weighed down by cheaters

Microsoft signs, since 02 last November, the great return of the Halo franchise with the deployment of the multiplayer version of Halo Infinite.

And if the title is particularly praised for its gameplay, it is already unfortunately polluted by cheaters.

Halo Infinite Multi

Halo Infinite (Xbox Series X)

Many players have already indicated that they have faced behaviors that resemble cheating. Some facts have been proven with cheaters who admit to using third-party software to locate other players through walls.

Some tools would speed up movement, automatically aim, or even initiate automatic fire when the view of an enemy is clear.

Halo Infinite Multi 2

Nothing very new under the sun unfortunately … 343 Industries has announced that it takes the problem very seriously and wishes to contain things before they escalate like this has been the case in Call of Duty Warzone and other titles before that. Anti-cheating software will therefore soon be deployed on the title, an obligatory condition to maintain a healthy player base and to consider orienting the title towards eSports.

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