GTA Trilogy weighs down updates to GTA Online and Red Dead Online

Nothing is going well with Rockstar and by pulling too much on the rope, it ends up breaking … This is exactly what is happening with GTA Trilogy The Definitive Edition and its chaotic release.

GTA Trilogy Switch_06

A little flashback: to make fans wait for a quick release of GTA VI, Rockstar had planned to release a remaster of the old shutters of its franchise. On the menu, a GTA Trilogy remaster already released on old consoles.

But while the trailers promised a fairly good remaster, the version delivered to players is intended to be indigestible: quantity of bugs and sloppy graphics weigh more than nostalgia for titles we loved in the past.

GTA The Trilogy - The Definition Edition (Playstation 4)

Rockstar has therefore promised improvements over the course of various updates, and even to rework the graphics of the titles to bring them to the height of the promises … Except that obviously, Rockstar had not planned to go so far and thought that the pill would pass more easily with the players .

In fact, the brand has placed itself in a position that could not be more delicate since we learn that the efforts that will be made to correct the pull of GTA Trilogy will be at the expense of updates and development of content dedicated to GTA and Red Dead Online, and even to encroach on on the development of GTA VI.

The question that arises is therefore the one that has kept coming back for years: why not have postponed the release of GTA Trilogy by a few months while ensuring its development and its tests rather than releasing a title as it is in an emergency, even if it means having to correct the situation quickly by drawing on the resources allocated to other more anticipated projects?

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