GTA III turns 20

It’s been 20 years since GTA III was officially released in stores in the USA, 20 years since the franchise has taken a new turn and a scale that few video games have been able to enjoy.

20 years ago, GTA III also imposed a new style for the series by embracing 3D, but the title also established itself as a benchmark that shook up the entire video game industry by installing new bases, a new standard meter of the AAA game.


Remember that GTA was not always so popular: the first part released in 1997 lays the foundations of the saga, then mainly oriented towards car racing in 2D, top view. The player takes missions at telephone terminals and steals vehicles to carry out robberies and various executions, the actions are limited and quite redundant, just like on GTA 2 which takes up similar bases with a graphic improvement for only notable evolution.

GTA V - Edition Premium

But in 2001, GTA III is released on PS3 and there, players are witnessing a real turning point video game. The title is one of the few that offers to dive into the life of a mobster, it is also one of the first large open worlds. The player is immersed in a copy of New York in 3D in which passers-by, vehicles, police forces, prostitutes … The details delight us at every moment, the day / night cycle invites itself and changes the situation during the missions, the cutscenes follow one another to advance the scenario, the vehicles all have different behaviors, the radio stations impose a band are unprecedented for the time, but above all: the player can take as much pleasure in following the main story to just walk around or complete the side quests. The lifespan of the title is just insane for the time, just like the number of activities, side missions, jobs and other easter eggs …

GTA III requires a new style, but above all is presented as a barometer for the games that will follow: the title is so dense that some premium games from other studios could pass for side quests of the Rockstar title.

knows: each new episode of GTA is increasingly successful and continues to amaze us with its density and details.

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