Google records record profits

Parent company of Google, Alphabet continues to achieve solid financial performance with a turnover of 53, 1 billion dollars in the third quarter, which grew by 18% over one year.

Net profit stands at a level record of 04, $ 9 billion with an increase of 68%. This is the third time in a row that the group has made a record profit.

With the search engine Google, YouTube and others, advertising represents nearly 82% of group revenue at 53, $ 1 billion. They are up 41% over one year.

Asked about the impact of the App Tracking Transparency from Apple, Alphabet’s CFO and Google estimate that the impact has been “ modest ” on YouTube’s revenues.


Google Cloud still not profitable

If Google Cloud’s turnover is close to $ 5 billion with an increase of 45% over one year in the third quarter, this is an area where Google is lagging far behind Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft, and which is still not profitable.

As digital transformation and the shift to hybrid work continue, our cloud services help organizations collaborate and stay secure “, says group boss Sundar Pichai. A speech that can also be found on the Microsoft side.

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