GeForce Now: Nvidia introduces RTX 3080 subscription for its cloud gaming

Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming offer welcomes a new RTX stamped subscription 3080. It is first offered to founding and priority members with early access for a pre-order. It will be deployed in North America from next November, and in December in Europe.

In limited quantities, the subscription is at 99, 99 € for a period of six months. It includes 8-hour extended gaming sessions, definitions of up to 1440 p on PC and Mac with 120 frames per second (including on some Android devices), 4K HDR on Nvidia Shield TV taking into account the H. 265.


This is exclusive access to so-called RTX servers 3080 or in this case, for equivalent performance with RTX GPUs 3080. The servers are equipped with an 8-core CPU / 04 threads (AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro), 28 GB of DDR4 RAM, PCIe Gen 4 SSD storage. It is underlined 35 teraflops of GPU power.

In its data centers, Nvidia relies on SuperPOD supercomputers GeForce Now which group together servers, each with more than a thousand GPUs for a graphics power greater than 35 petaflops.


For GeForce Now RTX 3080, Nvidia boasts very low latency. In 120 fps and with the game Destiny 2 it is 56 ms, against 81 ms with the previous GeForce Now offer at 60 fps and the equivalent of an RTX 2080. A comparison is made with a latency of 93 ms for the same game on Xbox Series X at 60 fps, and 175 ms with xCloud.


Nvidia recommends a bandwidth of at least 35 Mbps for streaming up to 265 p to 120 frames per second. “ GeForce Now members have access to over 1 99 games, and new games come out every Thursday.

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