Facebook as addictive as tobacco, Instagram first puff for teens?

The revelations of the whistleblower Frances Haugen on the internal kitchen of Facebook has the effect of a real implosion for a company used to fine-tuning its communication to preserve an always positive image.

By affirming that the social network privileges the greed to the protection of the users, in particular the youngest, she wears a blow which will require more than simple generalist statements to deflect the attack.

facebook lunette

And this d ‘especially since she did not hesitate to compare the operating logic of Facebook to that of tobacco manufacturers with mechanisms of addiction and habituation while maintaining a discourse intended to deactivate criticism.

It thus takes again the arguments of several American senators who had compared Instagram in the month of September as “ this first cigarette supposed to make the teenagers addicted the earlier p ossible “and claims that the network should only be allowed from 16 years … where Facebook wants to create an Instagram for those under , despite the many criticisms already leveled.

They have further criticized Facebook for knowingly creating this situation of dependence knowing full well the potentially harmful consequences for adolescents and young adults.

Damage in perspective

The whistleblower’s revelations go in this direction, noting that even internal Facebook research confirms risks to the mental health of fragile users with bad body problems such as adolescents, notes the newspaper Les Echos .

Representatives of Facebook, led by founder Mark Zuckerberg, have begun to dispute these accusations and try to deflect this deadly comparison with the fabrica nts of cigarettes and this risk of addiction, arguments that could hurt the social network very much and weaken any defense by reducing it to the delaying methods of the tobacco industry.

giant of social networks in the universe of Facebook for several hours and requests for an explanation regarding the potential cover-up of a decline in its audience in the United States suggest that the social network is facing a complicated period in the next few years month.

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