Choosing a VPN leads to a comparison

The VPN is by definition a virtual private network – Virtual Private Network – in order to create a secure communication tunnel for Internet connections and traffic. Data sent between devices and servers is thus encrypted, and it appears to come from the VPN itself rather than from the ISP. In this way, an IP address assigned by an ISP is masked for the sites and services that a user accesses.

These are the elements mainly put forward by this technology which is enjoying increasing interest to the general public, and no longer only for access to a company’s network within the framework of teleworking. However, not all VPN solutions are created equal and it may be interesting to consult a VPN comparator like VPNpro for example to choose the suitable solution according to your needs .


Points to check

Apart from protection against attacks and eavesdropping via hacker attacks, a VPN is of interest – and in particular for the general public – in order to strengthen confidentiality, bypass censorship or geo-blocking of certain sites. However, not all solutions necessarily offer the possibility of selecting the location of the VPN , although this allows you to bypass specific geographic restrictions on content.

This is therefore a point to watch, just like the number of servers available and their geographical distribution, the policy of a VPN in terms of data logging making it possible or not itself to keep data concerning the users.

Other aspects to be taken into account also relate to the loading speeds, without of course avoiding the question of the price , knowing that the free one can reserve unpleasant surprises. Fortunately, a paid VPN solution often comes with a free trial period.

For the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which is an NGO for the defense and protection of civil liberties in the digital world, the choice of a VPN must be guided by a clear and accessible privacy policy which stipulates for example that the connection data are not recorded, its economic model, its reputation, the location of the head office , and finally the encryption used which must have been robust.

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