China Telecom operator is no longer welcome in the United States

The United States is maintaining the pressure on Chinese telecommunications companies and is showing no sign of appeasement. The Chinese operator China Telecom is asked to close its American subsidiary within sixty days, according to a decision of the FCC ( Federal Communications Commission ).

The reason is the same as for other Chinese companies in the sector: the fear of a risk to national security because China Telecom America is controlled by the Chinese government.

China Telecom logo

The latter would therefore be able to access data passing through the operator’s communication services with the possibility of engaging in espionage actions and other harmful activities.

US cleans up, China protests

After its exit from the New York Stock Exchange at the beginning of the year under the Trump era, China Telecom must now leave the territory at the instigation of the Biden administration.

Chinese stock exchanges are at the b Easily under the effect of the announcement but it also comes at a time of renewed tension between China and the United States, President Joe Biden having suggested that his country was ready to take up the military defense of Taiwan in the event of attempted takeover by China, which considers the island as one of its possessions.

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