Call of Duty Vanguard: cheaters are already plaguing the beta

Activision is still encountering difficulties in protecting its online games: early access to Call of Duty Vanguard is therefore heavily criticized by the proliferation of cheaters that pollute the parties.

Sledgehammer will therefore have a lot of work to secure its title and offer a system that guarantees fair play within the games. The beta is already polluted by cheaters with software loaded with features: Aimbots, wallhack, noclip, Godmode …

call of duty vanguard

If Warzone multiplies the bans, the arrival of the new map will not spare the players. So obviously, the beta may not take advantage of the complete anti-cheat systems already available on Warzone … We can also be reassured by recalling that Activision has promised a new, more aggressive protection system against players with IP bans. .

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