Call of Duty: Activision relies on RICOCHET, its new anti-cheat system

Activision keeps its commitments in the fight against cheating and presents its new tool called RICOCHET.

call of duty vanguard

The publisher presents the tool as one of the most sophisticated of the moment, it analyzes the data to identify fraudulent behavior on its own and sets up a system of investigation and monitoring on the profiles denounced by players to ban cheaters.

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The module will be accompanied by a new driver for PC which will make it possible to monitor all the processes, software and applications that interact with Warzone and Vanguard in order to spot interference and tools that might inject code to facilitate cheating. Activision guarantees that this driver will have no effect on system performance and that no personal data will be collected.

RICOCHET should be launched with Call of Duty Vanguard first, before s ‘also install on Warzone. The driver specific to the PC version will be introduced later in the year. Remember that Vanguard is scheduled for PC and consoles on November 5.

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