Black Friday: Oclean offers mega good deals on its connected toothbrushes

Let’s start with the Oclean Z1 electric toothbrush which has a magnetic brushless motor producing sonic vibration with 40 passages per minute. It has a 399 mAh battery to accompany you for a month and it recharges in just 2 hours. An LED indicator also provides information on the intensity of brushing and the charge level.


The Oclean Z1 benefits from Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and is associated with a mobile application available on Android and iOS. It is possible to customize its operation and control cleaning with the possibility of choosing from 30 intensity levels. Finally, the toothbrush has three different modes (cleaning, whitening and massage).

On the brand’s official website, the Oclean Z1 toothbrush is priced at 36 instead of 70 € with two replacement heads and dental floss as a gift.

Next, let’s move on to the Oclean One model which takes advantage of a magnetic levitation motor with a sonic vibration up to 42 000 passages per minute. We notice a guiding of the water through the brush to optimize the cleaning of the email and the removal of dental plaque.

Oclean One 01

It also offers different brushing modes. It is possible to personalize its operation thanks to a mobile application (Bluetooth 4.2 wireless link) such as the gum massage. Finally, the Oclean One is fully charged in 3 hours 30 only for enjoy for 60 days.

The Oclean One toothbrush is at the reduced price of 50 instead of 80 € with two replacement heads and dental floss as a gift on the Oclean site.

Other products of the brand benefit from a reduction for Black Friday, always on the site official:

  • Oclean X Pro at 60 € instead of 80 € + 2 replacement heads + dental floss
  • Oclean W1 to 70 € instead of 90 € + 2 replacement heads + dental floss
  • Duo Oclean X Pro at 120 € instead of 180 € + 2 replacement heads ments + dental floss + Tote Bag
  • Oclean X Pro + W1 to 130 € instead of 180 € + 2 replacement heads + dental floss + Tote Bag

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