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Belt Protection System Retrofit for a long Belt Conveyor

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When foreign material caused a long rip in one of their belts, PT Kaltim Prima coal successfully improved their belt protection system with updating existing and adding new protection systems.

PT Kaltim Prima Coal operates 13 kilometre long belt conveyor 1100 millimetres wide tagged as 3000 OLC. Belt speed was 8.42 metres per second and capacity up to 4200 tonnes per hour. After 19 years in service and more than 300 million tonnes of coal conveyed, the worst incident happened: foreign material ripped the belt 3.5 kilomtre long, causing 10 days production loss, USD 1 Million repair cost, not include demurrages and penalties.

Investigation that carried out thoroughly reveal the fact that existing protection logic focus on stopping the system after abnormal operation recognized, which happen when conveyor rubber already damaged by foreign material that come onto the belt. Learning from this very expensive incident, Coal Processing Division develop action plan to do retrofit Belt Protection System. Retrofit program focusing on prevention of belt damage. To do that, ‘foreign material trap’ was added in front of chute and loading point, which trigger conveyor system trip when the trap is activated.

The existing protection also refurbished or reactivated, as a second barrier, with the focus minimizing damage that might occur. That’s done with reactivate belt rip sensor along conveyor at the several zoning distance. Installation, test and commissioning of new belt protections were progressively executed on regular shutdown schedule. After several trials and correction attempt, the new protection working well, catching foreign material similar with that rip the belt.

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Published: 06/30/2011 | bulk solids handling / Redaktion BSH (BulkSolidsHandling)

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