Battlefield 2042: Dice announces quick fixes

Available since last week, Battlefield 2042 has been the subject of heavy criticism and a major review bombing. The game is thus widely criticized not only for the many bugs present, but also for its problems of balancing weapons and vehicles.

Since this release, the developers indicate that they are working H 24 on the development of a first corrective update and on the eagerly awaited rebalancing.

Dice and Electronic Arts explain on the game’s website that an update is scheduled for today and a second at the beginning of December.

This update should mainly bring more stability to the servers and lead to a new balance in the game’s weapons.

The teams have already made a lot of improvements to the servers since the launch of the title, but there are still some issues. The most annoying for players concerns the display of the hitmarker (the cross that appears when you touch a player), or the respawn problems that block some players. These issues will be fixed in today’s patch.

Battlefield 2042

A major overhaul Weapons is also planned in today’s update, and that will be just the start. Some weapons have too high a scatter rate, causing players to miss their mark too often. Overall, scatter will be activated later and piecemeal shots and small bursts should suffer much less from the effect.

Battlefield 2042 (PC)

In parallel, certain elements will be very largely nerfed: this is the case of the hovercraft considered too powerful by its armor, its speed and its offensive capacities, but also of crossing. It will be expected that the vehicle will no longer be able to cross vertical obstacles and that its armor will be revised downwards.

Electronic Arts takes the opportunity to discuss the future of the game and in particular the launch of Season 1 which will not take place until the beginning of next year. Three updates are planned, all before the end of the year. The publisher hopes to redeem itself from the players and quickly deliver the title as planned.

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