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Coal Supply Systems based on the proven EUROSILO Technology

03.06.2009 | Editor: Wolfgang Geisler

A 100 000 m3 coal storage silo for a German power plant.

The MBS coal silo management software from ESI Eurosilo BV supports power plant operators with a supply planning and coal silo visualization IT solution for coal silos which store several grades of coal. The MBS solution is fully integrated with the silo automatization technology.

The fully integrated MBS silo management software allows you to realize the full potential of the silo technology. The solution allows you to plan and control the composition of the silo contents. The visualization provides detail information on coal quality grades and their distribution within the silo. The information can be used to plan ahead based on supply scheduling or to adjust the burn process based on detailed information on present and future fuel input from the silo. This data on the coal flow allows the plant operator to achieve an optimal generating unit performance.

The MBS silo management functionality includes:

  • Supply planning and scheduling
  • Quality data capture
  • Silo visualization (qualitative / quantitative)
  • Silo automatization equipment programming
  • Balances / forecasts / reports

The integration of MBS with the silo control systems results in a complete silo management solution from fuel supply planning to fuel burn balances and reports. The MBS silo management has been developed specifically for use in combination with the patented silo system by ESI Eurosilo BV.

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