Artificial intelligence, a powerful tool with many applications

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Technology continues to progress and with it a very specific field, that of artificial intelligence. Feared by some, adored by others, AI is more and more at the heart of our world, whether it is integrated into our smartphones, or more and more used in the medical world, the stock market or even the world. armament. Let’s do a check in.

The term of artificial intelligence (IA) was created in 1955 by John MacCarthy and his associates. It is a process of imitating human intelligence through the creation and application of algorithms executed in a dynamic computing environment. It aims to allow software / machines to think and act by themselves, like human beings. A good example is the movie Terminator where the main subject is an AI.


Today, artificial intelligence is no longer a movie myth, and is already present all around us. For example, a few weeks ago we presented to you an AI that is helping fraud repression in France to detect swimming pools and other undeclared buildings thanks to IGN images.

L artificial intelligence is also widely used in the world of sports betting, such as the Boturfers site which, since 1955, has implemented an algorithm that helps to decision-making based on all the data and on 160 turf criteria in order to produce a prognosis very close to reality . Boturfers’ artificial intelligence is at the service of turfists!

Same thing in the financial world, for example with the AI ​​technology developed by Bren Worth which analyzes stock market prices automatically, faster and continuously. This also makes it possible to limit the costs vis-à-vis an entire team of “data scientists”.

The art world is also concerned. Thus, recently an AI questioned the authenticity of a Rubens on the table of Samson and Delilah . To do this she compared the painter’s techniques on 148 works with the way in which this painting was painted. The results indicate that some areas were not performed by Rubens …

intelligence artificielle

A final example of the use of artificial intelligence concerns health, which is also very concerned with an AI which predicts your chances of survival following hospitalization. It analyzes all of your health data to make a prognosis. Many other AIs are also used to refine the reading of MRIs, X-rays … and this in a much more efficient way than a human because it has access to a database containing thousands / millions of images.

We are only at the beginnings of this new technology which should revolutionize the world to come. Currently, many companies have embarked on fierce research, but also France with for example its national program for AI which mobilized a budget of 1.5 billion euros over the period 2018-2022 of which 45% devoted to the research component.

However, let us point out a downside, many voices are raised to warn about the dangers of AI . We can cite the Nobel laureate of economics Daniel Kahneman, who indicates that AI will crush humans in almost all areas and that we can not do anything against it, but also very famous names like Bill Gates, Elon Musk or again the physicist Stephen Hawking who never ceases to warn of the dangers to come. The latter also specified “ I’m afraid that AI can completely replace humans. If people can design computer viruses, someone could design AI which can improve and reproduce. It would be a new form of life capable of surpassing humans “.

To be continued …

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