App Store: Apple allows developers to contact users directly

Apple has updated the rules of the App Store to take into account its announcements made last August. Changes have been made to end a class action lawsuit brought by iOS app developers in the United States. Their entry into force is worldwide.

The Cupertino group now allows applications to request so-called basic contact information such as name and email address to allow developers to communicate directly with users.

An entirely optional character for the user is underlined. The request must not be subordinate to functionalities and services for the application.


In the At the same time, Apple is removing a provision that developers could not use information obtained in the app to communicate with users outside of it and inform them of the existence of other purchasing methods than the in-app purchase (with commission from Apple).

The Coalition for App Fairness had felt that such changes were not a sufficient concession from Apple, with developers failing to will still not have the right to communicate on lower prices or to offer competing payment options directly in their applications.

Remember that at the beginning 2022, Apple will allow developers of reading applications (magazines, newspapers and digital books, audio, music and video) to link to an external website for the creation and management of comp your. Not for video games.

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